My Birdroom was added to the end off my 15 mtr shed, the overall measurement is 6mtr x 8mtr, the birdroom is constructed of colorbond steel, and the inside ceiling of the birdroom section has 100mm thick foam insulation that has reduced the inside temperature by about 7 Deg Celsius, just in case I decide to breed into the summer months


At one end I have double bird wire, 50mm apart the width of the bird room, and it starts 1.2mtr off the ground, below this is colorbond steel, with the top capped to stop vermin from getting to the wire, I have a glass sliding door, with a security wire door to aid in cross ventilation, and it makes the entry vermin proof.


Also being in the country, we have Hawks and Owls ECT, the double wire stops them from scaring the birds onto the wire, and trying to drag them through.


I have under the same roof, 2 flights, 4mtr long x 1.5 mtr wide, and also have two smaller cull flights, and still plenty for storage, my birdroom has taken up 6 mtr x 3 mtr of floor space, and have plenty of room for my 38 wooden boxes, fluorescent strip light's have timers that run down to a night light, if needed, I do not use them regularly.


The Ionizer/Air cleaner is a must, and the radio is used when I am home and have a lot of time spent in the bird room, the Hoover makes cleaning out easy.


I feed my birds plenty of green feed, they get Silverbeet, Saltbush branches, Gum branches, most fruit, and veggies, they also get a type of small millet spray that grows around breeding time on my property and wild oats, I also have an area that I spread out and rake in the floor sweepings from the flight’s, and grow the millet seed and Canary seed that they have missed, thus giving the birds fresh millet sprays during and towards the end of the breeding season.



A friend of many years, and fellow breeder and Judge, Ian McEwan, came up with an Idea we are both trying this year, and so far so good, we have placed Lucerne chaff in the nest as a medium in place of sawdust, as the hen and babies can chew it, as it is another form of green food, and it has a slight moisture content which may help with humidity and hatchability, it also helps with the odour from the nest boxes, and has no dust to go into the eyes of the baby chicks.








Birdroom /Aviary 8 mtr x  6 mtr




Flights are 4 mtr long x 1.5 mtr wide, x 2.1 mtr high





I have 38 wooden Breeding cabinets